About Harvard Ready

While we could discuss all the various goods that HarvardReady wants to accomplish for the world (such as ensuring The Jetsons get the television air time they truly deserve) and all the ways in which it wants to do them, we really only have one primary goal that's worth mentioning:

Making sure that our students get the highest LSAT score they possibly can.

And while we could create another cookie-cutter course that runs through basic tips and tricks to approach each section and its questions, we know that's hardly enough. In fact, we know it's not even close. That's not to say there aren't certain gimmicks one can use to his or her advantage - there most definitely are (and we most definitely cover them), but significant improvements on the LSAT come from thorough understanding of the concepts that it tests, and the ability to apply them intuitively.

As a result we've created a course builds understanding of the concepts required from the bottom up, while accounting for the specific trends of the modern LSAT. That means we'll teach you both how to pick apart a logic game, as well as how to account for the new scenarios LSAC* will throw at you. We'll show you why every answer for Reading Comprehension and Arguments may be wrong or right, but we'll also train you to spot the underlying reasoning so you're able to consistently find the recurring trends yourself. Our score reports will zero in on the nuances that may be troubling you, so you can work towards smoothing out those specific problem areas.

In short, we've put together a course that focuses on mastery of the test, and when you have that, the rest tends to quickly fall into place.

* LSAC stands for the Law School Admission Council, the lovely folks responsible for writing and administering the LSAT.

Our Instructors


Yoni Stratievsky

Known to leap tall structures in single bounds, Yoni is a skilled acrobat with a penchant for the LSAT.

Sort of. He's not really an acrobat. Nor can he actually leap tall structures in any number of bounds. But, the penchant for the LSAT thing is true. Yoni has worked with hundreds of students in both large classroom and private tutoring settings. Coming out with plenty of experience and countless positive reviews, Yoni developed the HarvardReady program.

Yoni's general approach is easygoing and humorous to keep his students engaged, but thorough to ensure they have all they need to excel. He is known for his ability to pick apart the toughest of arguments or passages by relating them to everyday examples.

Yoni maintains that his LSAT score of 179 (99.96th percentile) was the result of a bubbling error on his Scantron. Whether you believe him is your call. Update: 180 as of June, 2022! =)


Allan Cousins

Having rocked the LSAT after taking a HarvardReady course himself, Allan decided formulating logic games before going to sleep every night just wasn't enough. Naturally he came right back to us, whiteboard marker in hand, ready to teach. These have since been replaced with touchscreen styluses (styli?).

If you can stand his ultra nerdiness - and according to him, you can't expect much more from an engineer - Allan will have little problem helping you foster a love for the LSAT on par with his. Or, if you find that a little awkward, he'll just help you get a kickass LSAT score. You know, whichever.

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Our students tend to like us:

...Yoni, Sean and Sabrina are great instructors and do a fantastic job at helping you develop the skills necessary to succeed... — Joseph Eid

...I engaged in tutoring with Sean and he was exactly what a student looks for in a tutor... — Alissa Scarcello

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