Maddie Cavadas

Harvard Ready is seriously amazing. Yoni was recommended to me by 2 other people who both scored phenomenally on the LSAT thanks to his guidance. I have this course to thank for my own success on the LSAT and I would recommend it to anyone who is planning on writing it!

Alex Sweatman

Harvard Ready was key to my success on the LSAT. Their classes, lesson modules, and online materials were tremendously helpful. I truly can't say enough about the value of this service, and couldn't imagine having studied without it!

Stephanie Sung

The instructors here, especially Yoni truly care about you as students and your learning goals. They are invested not just in your learning but are there to help you in any way they can. They helped me go up by +10 scores on my first LSAT exam! The instructors know exactly what they're doing, and I would recommend this place to everybody!

Navneet Ranu

Yoni is a great instructor and extremely knowledgable in all aspects of the LSAT. I am grateful for how accommodating he has been with allowing me to write 100s of practice tests and improve my weak spots. As a law student now, I highly recommend HarvardReady!

Yasmin Hasan

Yoni is a genius and his classes are extremely helpful. You need this course to excel on the LSAT.

Thomas George

Even through an online format, these folks get it DONE. Just finished the summer course and went from a 158 (after having studied for 6 months on my own) to 168 on test day. Yoni was incredibly accommodating in terms of figuring out how to make the course work for my schedule and financial position. I was skeptical at first after hearing all the hype, but turns out it’s all true. If you want quality Lsat test prep, go to Harvard Ready. Thanks HR!!

Kareem Elmankabady

HarvardReady is easily the best LSAT Prep that you could take. I chose the tutoring option with Yoni as my instructor and his lessons were extremely valuable. Yoni is very accommodating and immensely knowledgeable in all aspects of the LSAT. The insights, lessons, and guidance that he provided me with helped me attain a score that is competitive for all law schools in Canada.

Thilini H

I was recommended this course by a friend and I can easily say that taking this course was a great decision. Yoni & Isaac are such amazing teachers, they really showed me the best way to approach the lsat and how to also remain calm & cool while writing it. I am happy to say I got a great score my first time writing (approx a 12 pt increase from my cold diagnostic test) and this would not have been possible with Isaac & Yoni! I would definitely recommend this course!

Nikisha Thapar

Yoni is great! Helped my score go up 10 points. He’s super nice and accommodating of questions! Highly recommend!

John Perianayagam

Was able to take classes after work. The team of Yoni, Allan and Isaac were tremendous. They really helped break down the LSAT and understand how to attack it.

Following the classes, I had multiple tutoring sessions with Isaac, where we addressed weaknesses. His 1 on 1 tutoring is tremendous and I can easily say that it helped with my 164 (test score). I plan on writing the LSAT one more time but know that the work done with Isaac built a solid foundation to score extremely well.

If hesitant on a LSAT prep course, I was there myself. A coworker recommended Harvard Ready and I would do the same. Whilst the instructors can't write the test for you, if you put in the work, you'll be more than ready for game day.

No regrets and will continue sending students their way.

Ps. Be open to talk in class and discuss answers, everyone is there to learn. Quiet classrooms are boring.

Abbie Beed

I am so glad I took my prep course with Harvard Ready! They helped me exceed my goal score for a 172 on my first attempt. The course content was perfectly structured and the plethora of online material allowed me to test my skills and advance at my own pace in between classes. The instructors were amazing and made the learning experience more personal and fun. I would 100% recommend Harvard Ready to anyone wanting to take the LSAT.

Brooke Ash

I was very reluctant to sign up for an LSAT class, however, after taking the LSAT I can definitely credit my 17 point increase to Yoni and Isaac from HarvardReady. The class were run online (considering COVID) which I thought was run exceptionally. Classes were very thorough and interactive; Yoni works hard to ensure each students foundation is strong, which helped considerably during the latter stages of my studying. The classes also come with an online module system that helps keep track of your score and what kinds of questions you get wrong, there are in-depth explanations for each question as well. Yoni is also always prompt to reply to questions via email. Overall, to anyone considering taking the LSAT I would direct them to HarvardReady, you will not regret it.

Veronika Niharosev

When I first started looking for prep courses there were a number of factors I was considering : cost, method of instruction and number of in-class hours. I choose HarvardReady because they offered 100 in-class hours, live in-person instruction- all within the most affordable price point compared to other LSAT prep courses.
Through Yoni's course I learned how to effectively approach the LSAT, because he really starts at the foundation of the logic required to suceed in this test. The course materials and homework are very effective and the amount of material provided really gives you the chance to practice until you're very comfortable with the material. Yoni is also super approachable and patient and will take the time to explain any questions through different approaches, if needed.
Additionally, the class sizes are small enough that every student has the chance to participate and ask questions.
I am very grateful for Yoni and this prep courses, it helped me get from a 146 to a 157 and get into my first choice law school.
Highly recommend this course.

Amanjot Saral

HarvardReady and Yoni’s tutoring is hands down the best way to prepare for the LSAT. The course teaches you to think beyond the way other prep companies highlight. If it wasn’t for yoni’s help I wouldn’t have scored over 160+.
The course provides a key emphasis on the wording to really narrow down to the right answer - and the approach to LG is great! He teaches you every fundamental to games that no matter how creative LSAC gets with the games, you’ve most likely encountered it through the course.
If you put in the work Yoni will go above and beyond to make sure you understand and grasp the way LSAC tests. Couldn’t recommend a better place to prepare for the LSAT.

Hannah Downard

HarvardReady (and Yoni's tutoring) is hands down the best method available to prepare for the LSAT. Yoni was so accomodating and patient while also making the complex material interesting and digestable. He truly cares about his student's success and is always available to help. I was able to achieve a 10 point increase from my diagnostic with his help. I cannot recommend HarvardReady enough to anyone thinking about taking the LSAT and applying to law school. Thank you Yoni!

Alex Fusca

Helped improve my score from 151 to 165ish. Scored 162 on test day (one write). Probably could’ve done better if I didn’t run out of gas on the LG section. The course teaches you to think in ways that Powerscore and other books like the LSAT Trainer do not. Yoni places a key emphasis on the wording of the stimulus (questions) and teaches you to be critical of every argument/statement on the test. Really eye opening even after reading all of the Powerscore books. The course’s website boasts a 12 point average improvement from start to finish and I improved about 14 points from diagnostic to my latest practice tests, so it does absolutely work. Some feedback- the consensus is that LSAT has changed a little bit in recent years (Prep Tests 70-88) have become a little more challenging, especially the nuanced LR sections, and Harvard Ready mostly uses material from older tests to teach. Could benefit in an update of material, but either way, the fundamental approach for every question is the same.

Bottom line, there is definitely value in taking this course. Best money I spent in my LSAT prep. I don’t think there is anyone else in the entire world that can teach the LSAT better than Yoni.

Eunjin Park

Yoni is an LSAT jedi master. Follow his ways and you will be ok.

Katrina Kotarba

Taking this course was the best decision I’ve made so far to further my law school preparedness! Between my first practice test and my official LSAT score I improved by 12 points! The instructors are great, and the homework is plentiful but extremely helpful. After talking with students from other prep courses on the day of the LSAT, I realized how glad I am to have chosen HarvardReady over larger, more well-know courses; other courses didn’t have the same caliber of homework, practice tests, or instruction as HarvardReady, and none of the students I talked to felt confident in their skills after they finished their course. Needless to say, if you’re trying to choose a prep course, choose HarvardReady!!

Safwan Dadabhoy

Definitely the best LSAT prep in Toronto! Yoni makes LSAT prep enjoyable and simple, and the classes are engaging. I got the score I wanted (164) after prepping with Harvard Ready, and got accepted to the law schools of my liking.

Racael M

Amazing would be an understatement for this course. I had the opportunity to take both the in-class, as well as private tutoring with Sean. Doing so was the best decision I made, and I can't thank him enough! Not only was he extremely knowledgeable, but also possessed an ability to tailor lessons to your needs, while simultaneously remaining patient with you, encouraging you and challenging you every step of the way. Confidence plays a huge role in your ability to do well, and Sean succeeds at helping you to get to that point! This course is absolutely necessary. I definitely recommend HarvardReady to anyone looking for lsat prep, regardless of whether you're just starting out with your studying or have been at it for awhile.

Jacky Jesin

Yoni was extremely helpful to me while studying for the LSAT. He is very approachable. The methods used by HarvardReady are unique and were the most beneficial tools I used to increase my LSAT score. He helped my raise my score from from a 155 to 163 in just six weeks.


Taking the Harvard Ready course was the best decision I made when it came to LSAT prep. Yoni and Sean are the best instructors and explain everything perfectly. Started with a 141 on my cold diagnostic and scored a 162 on test day! Highly recommend taking this class.

Joey Galinsky

Enrolled in the 2.5 month course from Sept - Nov and wrote the November 2018 LSAT. This was my second time writing. The first time I attempted self study I ended up with a score that was mediocre. With Yoni's help and guidance I was able to improve my score by 25 percentiles and a 6 point bump overall. If you are looking to take the LSAT I highly highly highly recommend HR and promise you it is well worth every penny. Thank you Yoni!

William Davis

Easily the best Prep course out there! The instructors are great and Yoni's method works! I went from 157 to 167 and started getting my offers to law schools in November. This is the best investment you will ever make in your future.

Ashton Payne

Best LSAT prep course you'll find in the GTA. 100% worth every penny. Yoni and the rest of the instructors are very relaxed and approachable. Good for those with no experience, or those with pleanty. Course includes multiple learning and examination workbooks, Scantron grading, in depth score analysis, and free course retakes.

Eran Rubman

Yoni and Sean are great instructors and the HarvardReady LSAT course is excellently structured. I started with a comparatively low LSAT score and had trouble grasping the materials to a high degree. I really enjoyed the broad critical-thinking approach that HarvardReady uses (in addition to learning how to do each particular question type, there is also an emphasis on critical thinking generally, which helps significantly since there are nearly always questions/games that are somewhat non-standard). With their help, I scored 159 on the actual test. I was admitted to my first-choice schools, Western and Queen's, this cycle--an achievement greatly attributed to HarvardReady!

Leah Krakowitz

Yoni and his staff are great; I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thanks for helping me ace the LSAT and get into the best law school(s) in the country!

Adam A

I enrolled in the 2-month course and I highly recommend it. Yoni's approach to teaching the Logical Reasoning section of the test is particularly effective, and the practice books are a great resource. Improving my LSAT score was an important factor allowing me to gain admission to the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

James Moon

I happened to stumble upon Yoni's HarvardReady LSAT courses by complete accident while looking into LSAT cram schools. Running into his program was probably one of the best things that has happened in my life because without it, I am not sure if I would have made it into law school of my choice.

Starting from 135 on my diagnostic, the LSAT seemed like an impossible task and I have to admit, for a while it was very difficult. However, Yoni is a very patient instructor and he knows everything there is to the LSAT. When you enroll in HarvardReady, you are essentially training your mind to think logically under the guidance of an expert who knows all about different strategies, tactics, and scenarios in every component of the LSAT. The quality instructions from Yoni truly gave me the confidence to stick it out even when it seemed nearly impossible. I improved 30 points, eventually reaching into the 90th percentile and I am quite pleased with the result.

I can honestly say that beyond getting into law school, my experience at HarvardReady has been very educational and dare I say 'fun'. I encourage all those who are intimidated by the LSAT to give his course a try.


Sean’s one on one personal tutoring helped tremendously on the LSAT! Yoni and Sabrina provided solid advice and strategies to conquer the test.

I highly recommend Sean’s one on one tutoring as it helped me achieve my goals. 10/10

Roie Fields

Fantastic course! The material teaches you exactly how to think for the LSAT, and gives you tons of practice material so that by the time you take the test, you're fully comfortable seeing all types of question. Yoni and Sabrina are super helpful and friendly, always happy to answer questions and help you with any concepts you're struggling with. Would recommend to anyone!

Sarah O'Neill

I researched all the top/big name LSAT courses and based on reviews I decided to go with HarvardReady. I'm so glad I did! Yoni and the instructors are awesome. They are all approachable and knowledgeable.
My lowest LSAT score was 148 and I ended up with a score of 163 on the Dec 2017 LSAT! (That's the 87th percentile!)

I highly recommend taking this course. When you take it, I suggest doing all the homework given. When you've nailed the concepts in the homework, practice, practice, practice (using real past tests and timed as if you were taking the actual test). If I had more time to practice, I truly believe I would've scored even higher.

I am so grateful for this course!

Good luck to everyone taking the test!!

Brunelle Lewis

My score jumped 20 points from diagnostic to test day. Yoni and Sean are super approachable and really care about having you understand each component of a question and the test. For students who need it, Yoni also offered unlimited class redos, although I bet you'll see positive results after the first round!

Natalia Koper

Taking a course with Harvard Ready was a game-changer for me! After reaching low 160s on practice tests, I had trouble with making any further progress. Thanks to Yoni’s help I’ve improved immensely, from 80th percentile to 97th percentile on the test day. Every instructor is really approachable, engaging, and everyone is welcome to ask additional questions after classes. It worked for me so much better than the big corporate-minded courses, well… in short, it was worth every penny. Thank you for this experience and helping me get into my dream schools!

Irfan Tahiri

I scored a 155 on my first practice test. I never thought I'd be able to get anything above 165. But after taking this course with Yoni, and with dedication, I scored a 169 on my December LSAT. Yoni is truly an amazing tutor. He has memorized almost every LSAT question. Not only does he know that LSAT in and out, he knows how to teach it. Couldn't recommend this more to anyone embarking on their LSAT journey!

Tiyam Shiri

The best LSAT prep course! The instructors are super helpful, approachable and accessible. The books are also very clear, thorough, and well organized. Since taking this course, my score went up by 22 points. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Harvard Ready and would recommend this course to anyone taking the LSAT!

Baldon Mitchell

An absolutely amazing course. Yoni and Sabrina are by far the best instructors you can possibly have; both really friendly and approachable and will spend the extra time with you if you are struggling to understand the concepts. The prep materials are excellent and having access to almost all past tests is an invaluable resource. Sabrina saying "paraphrase, paraphrase, paraphrase" will forever be burned into my brain, and may have been the most useful bit of advice. I would strongly recommend this course for anybody interested in taking the LSAT, and I hope you will have the same exceptional experience I had.

Ramandeep Gill

Harvard Ready is truly amazing! The classes are extremely well structured and the instructors always put in the extra effort to help their students. With their help I was able to increase by 25 points from my diagnostic. Would highly recommend, especially for logical reasoning :)

L. Rulli

Highly recommend. I was referred by a friend and we were both able to dominate the LSAT thanks to Yoni!

Samuel Mazzuca

HarvardReady is by far the best lsat prep course around!! Both Yoni and Sean are effective instructors who are able to break down each type of lsat question step-by-step, in the simplest terms. They are both willing and availabe to answer any questions before, during and after class. Yoni is the lsat master and not only knows the answer to every question, but more importantly, he is able to explain it effectively to any student. I was able to improve my score by 13 points from my first diagnostic score of 149 to an official score of 162! I would highly reccomend this course to anyone interested in writing the lsat!!

Meng Bao

I started my LSAT prep with a 159 on my first diagnostic test at HarvardReady. After scoring 166 last June with less than ideal studying habits (and no time to attend the course) I took advantage of HarvardReady's free retake policy to take a one month crash course. Yoni and Sean are incredibly knowledgeable and organized instructors and with their help in the short month between the end of the school term and the June LSAT I was able to raise my score by 8 points to 174 (with 12 less incorrect answers). This course is definitely the most effective way to improve your score out of all the test prep materials out there.

Natasha Stevanovski

HarvardReady is an excellent LSAT prep course! Both Yoni and Sean are amazing instructors. They are very knowledgeable and are eager to help students succeed. They are always willing to answer questions and provide helpful tips. The layout of the course was organized and there was plenty of practice material. I was able to repeat the course, which allowed me to improve in areas that I found challenging before writing the official LSAT. I was also able to get one-on-one help from Sean. He was friendly and patient and always had a positive attitude, which encouraged me to keep studying, even when I wanted to give up. He was able to pinpoint which areas of the LSAT I needed to focus on and give me personal advice on how to boost my score. I would definitely recommend HarvardReady to anyone who plans on writing the LSAT. Thank you HarvardReady for all of your help!

Joseph Eid

This class is great for anyone that wants to do well on the LSAT. Yoni, Sean and Sabrina are great instructors and do a fantastic job at helping you develop the skills necessary to succeed. They break down each of the different types of questions on the LSAT and help you understand what to look for in the correct answer choice. They are willing to help you before and after classes as well. Harvard Ready has helped me improve my official score by 12 point and diagnostic test score by 19. Highly recommend this course.

Massimo Di Giovanni

Yoni is hands down the perfect instructor to tackle this test. He creates a welcoming and condusive environment in the classroom and leaves no stone unturned in your preparation. With yoni i went from a 150 to a 170 on the mock tests he gave us and scored a 167 overall on my very first attempt. If you are willing to put in the work Yoni will ensure you get the results. A+ would recommend to anyone and the price is actually reasonable too.

Jessica De

HarvardReady is the ultimate LSAT prep course, designed to have students succeed at the LSAT and have their law school dreams become a reality. With the help of Yoni and Sean, I was able to increase my score by nearly 18-20 points, allowing me to start law school this September.
I took the 3-month summer LSAT prep course from June-September. Each lesson provided me with an amazing 4-hour study session, where I learned drills and tricks designed to have me succeed in every section of the LSAT. Additionally, each class ended with a significant amount of homework to be completed, allowing students to apply what was learned. Both Yoni and Sean always made time before or after class to go over any homework questions, regardless if these questions were from lessons dated weeks prior. It is safe to say that both Yoni and Sean did the very best to ensure that each student got the assistance they needed. The scheduled diagnostic tests every few Saturdays also provided me with a good sense of how test day would actually be, and enabled me to relieve myself of "test day stress." This was a significant aspect of the program and something that I valued immensely.
It is without a doubt that I would not be attending law school this fall if it weren’t for the help of Yoni and Sean. If you are looking for individuals who truly care about those who enroll in the course and are dedicated to making students succeed at the LSAT, HarvardReady is the route to go!

Tory Brown

Great experience with Harvard Ready! Yoni and Sean are both amazing and patient teachers. The classes are structured incredibly well, and both instructors were willing (happily it seemed!) to stay after class to walk through problems and give extra support. I would HIGHLY recommend this course. Great teachers, great course structure and tools. And very effective!

Jennifer Prashad

HR provided me with the foundation that I needed to tackle the LSAT. HR's approach is unique and their strategies to logic games are detailed yet broad enough to help you master any game. I also had the pleasure of having Sean as my instructor and he thoughtfully deconstructed complex logical reasoning questions and reading passages. Sean created a learning environment that was holistic in order to fit every students needs and in one-on-one sessions he tailored lesson plans unique to the individual student's needs. Yoni was also a very caring and thoughtful instructor and would gladly provide you with help outside of class if you were struggling with a game. Overall, I would recommend HR as their workbooks and practice tests will prepare you for the mental marathon that is the LSAT. Thanks to HR I am starting law school this coming fall!!!

‎Vince Francis Di Vito

Thanks to Yoni and his amazing team at Harvard Ready, my dreams of attending law school is officially a reality! From scoring a 143 on my first diagnostic exam, I was consistently scoring in the 164-168 range. If you are looking for a course that will sufficiently prepare you for the LSAT and maximize your chances of attending your school of choice, Harvard Ready is the course for you!

Amira Zubairi

If you're serious about law school, this is the course for you. Yoni and Sean are both intelligent, caring, and helpful instructors who breakdown the LSAT in a way that's easiest for you to understand. Their method is useful and can help you boost your score significantly. In a couple months, my score went up by 10-12 points and I got into my first choice law school. Go to class, pay attention, do your homework strategically, and ask lots of questions after class as Yoni/Sean will always take the time to help you get different concepts. Thank you so much Sean and Yoni! :)

Alissa Scarcello

HarvardReady is a phenomenal LSAT preparation company if you desire to conquer the LSAT to the best of your ability. I completed a 3-month summer course, as well as a 2-month fall course, taking advantage of the beneficial free course retake policy. From the beginning of my LSAT preparation to after writing the most recent test, I have improved my score by 17 points, all due to the help of Yoni and Sean. The course was organized in a fantastic manner and included class sizes of no more than 20 people. The material/homework provided to students was thorough and taught me the most efficient methods in attacking the LSAT. Sean and Yoni would take the time before classes, on breaks, and even slightly after to ensure you left class with no persisting questions and felt confident. Their desire to see students succeed was truly humbling to witness.
After wanting to further improve my score, I engaged in tutoring with Sean and he was exactly what a student looks for in a tutor. He grew to know my weaknesses and strengths and organized tutoring sessions and content accordingly. His patience in my many times of confusion, stress, and negativity was astonishing and even when I wanted to give up, Sean is the reason that I was able to persevere. The immense knowledge and techniques to attack the LSAT that both he and Yoni exemplify is evident in everything that they do.
I am speaking from the heart when I say that if you are looking for a prep company to help you with the LSAT, HarvardReady is exactly what you want. The professionalism, knowledge, organization, (almost done), friendliness, and desire to help you succeed that H.R displays cannot be matched. I am so grateful for the help of their wonderful instructors!!

Amy Morassutti

Would recommend this LSAT course over any offered in Toronto - great lesson formats and instructors genuinely care about each individual student's needs. Improved my score from 161 to 168! Could not be happier with my experience.

Alexandra Misurka

HarvardReady is an excellent course! Yoni is very knowledgeable, he knows the LSAT inside and out (literally.. he knew what question I was talking about before I even showed it to him) and his teaching methods are great. Both Yoni and Sean were willing to answer my questions, and would stay with me after class to ensure I got the help I needed. Yoni is very encouraging, he has a positive attitude that makes you believe you can succeed at the test. Thanks to this course my score increased by 22 points on the official LSAT (and 27 points on practice tests). I would not have made it this far without HarvardReady, I highly recommend this course!

Nicole Thompson

Excellent experience! The concepts were well taught and the teachers were engaging and extremely helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone that is thinking of writing the LSAT. Even if you could study on your own, it is worth while to have the support of the instructors for those tough problems. The diagnostic tests were also a great way to improve my timing! Thank you Harvard Ready :)

Tory Shayna

This was an amazing prep course. I took the Kaplan course in the past and it did not even compare. Yoni helped me raise my score by 7 points and I just got accepted to Western law school! Thanks for everything Yoni!

Dennis L.

Entered with a 157 as my best on practice tests and with the help of HarvardReady I was able to score a 166 on my actual LSAT. Highly recommend this place to anyone that has to write the LSAT. Yoni and his staff are excellent at teaching and breaking down complex questions into easily solvable problems. I had an incredibly positive experience with this course and do not regret it in anyway shape or form.

Kaitlyn Deans

With confidence can say this is the best LSAT prep in the GTA! Great teacher and custom program! Yoni is amazing and cares about his students. If you go to class and do your work you will succeed! Improved my score by 12 points from my first LSAT write and got into my 1st choice law school! If you are serious about law school, this is the course for you.

Leo James Rebello

The HarvardReady course is truly fantastic. Yoni is an incredible instructor who genuinely cares for his students. My LSAT journey was far from easy. Staring at a low initial diagnostic score in the 140s was depressing, frustrating and challenging; but over time, Yoni's strategies and techniques became second nature to me, culminating in a 20+ point increase on the official LSAT.
My biggest advice to anyone taking the course would be to listen to everything Yoni says...including taking time off away from prepping to reenergize your brain. The LSAT is one of the most difficult tests I have ever taken, but I've also realized that it is not unconquerable. It is designed to test a certain set of skills that some of us throughout our lives have used less than others, and as a result, it may take longer for some to develop these skills. However, Yoni's course provides a platform for success by breaking down every single question to understand why the right answer is right, and the wrong answer is wrong. I strongly recommend this course to anyone looking for help with the LSAT!

Tess Dimroci

I started my first diagnostic with a terrifying 143, and with HarvardReady's help, through amazing teachers and even better techniques and tips, I scored in the 85th percentile on my test. I strongly recommend anyone looking to excel in the LSAT to take the HarvardReady course. Best decision I could have made! Thanks Yoni!!

Dalia Rene

HarvardReady program is just wonderful. You get the best of both world's with Yoni and Sean. Sean really is remarkable, kind, sincere and an amazing teacher of breaking down the LSAT in a way to help you understand. Yoni well done for these classes and choosing great teachers. Btw Yoni is also great and a patient teacher. I couldn't imgaine going anywhere else. Thank you!

Nicole Seck

HarvardReady provides enriching and engaging classes that are led by two extremely intelligent, charismatic and funny teachers: Yoni and Sean.
I've thoroughly enjoyed this particular LSAT prep course experience, as it was not mundane, nor were the teachers unenthusiastic about the material they covered.
Through and through, it was a positive classroom experience and I would highly recommend that prospective law schools students enrol in this course.
Even more, the teachers were approachable and always ready, willing, and eager to both answer students' questions, as well as offer advice.
Brilliant job!

Simi Solebo

Amazing ! Yoni and Sean are the greatest teachers, they break down every question and create easy ways to analyze the answers in a time efficient and logical way. I had an 11 point increase after taking their course and recommend it to anyone wanting to see similar results!

Julie Lowenstein

Yoni was so helpful! His lessons were extremely clear and the homework assignments were very effective. I definitely improved my score because of HarvardReady. Thanks Yoni!

Erica Predko

There is honestly no better teacher for the LSAT than Yoni. I wouldn't recommend any other course than HarvardReady, Yoni makes the material very easy to understand and even better, will help you through the application process even after you've finished the course. If I don't get into the law school of my dreams I will definitely be repeating the course, I feel so lucky to live in Toronto and to have been able to use this amazing resource instead of any of the corporate LSAT courses. If you take this course, you will not be disappointed, either in the material you learn or your LSAT mark!

Alejandro Enrique

This course is amazing! And it is taught by two awesome guys who somehow make you laugh even though the subject matter can make you cry... I was able to raise my score by 10 points in just 4 months with them. Sean and Yoni are the best instructors, and this course is well worth its cost.
Go to the classes, get through the homework, and always always always ask questions as they're beyond willing to help!

Sabrina-Apitz Grossman

HarvardReady was the best possible thing I could have done to prepare for the LSAT. I don't learn very well just reading books on my own, and I wasn't making much progress. I signed up for the course and couldn't have been more impressed. Both of my instructors were incredibly knowledgable and engaging, and having them methodically explain each component of the test meant that my score shot up between my first and second diagnostic test. I ended up taking the course twice before I sat the LSAT (the free unlimited repeat policy was a godsend), and went from an initial score of 158 to a 171 on test day. They made the material interesting, and as someone who doesn't excel at self-discipline, going to the classes a few times a week forced me to pace myself through the material. I fully credit them for the improvement of my score, and would 100% recommend the course.

Simon Igelman

Amazing course! Instructors were clear and readily available to answer all sorts of questions. I really improved dramatically throughout the duration of the course. Would definitely recommend to anyone taking the LSAT.

Victoria Hanna

Yoni knows the LSAT inside and out, he is very thorough in his teaching methods and reasons out every single answer choice. The course is structured really well to complement your studying and keep you on track way ahead of the test date. I would HIGHLY recommend this course if you want to maximize your scoring potential.


I hated it the whole time but Yoni is an unbelievable teacher. If not for him I never would've got into law school at Dalhousie!

Sam Zimmerman

HarvardReady was a great course that helped me achieve excellent results. Yoni is an awesome teacher and his methods and materials follow suit. He helped me boost my score by 11 points (48th percentile to 85th), taught in an accessible and engaging manner, and was incredibly supportive all the way through. I'd definitely recommend HarvardReady for your LSAT Prep.

Sohail Farooq

Best course, Yoni is a great teacher. Helped me get from 139 to 160! real quick.. 100% recommended.

Alexia Y.

Harvard Ready is definitely the reason my terrible diagnostic score of 147 jumped to 169 on the official write! The LSAT is a weird test to study for, but Yoni's course is an exceptional guide. He was always available via email or in class to answer any questions I had, and he really knows the LSAT like the back of his hand. The strategies he taught helped me immensely in every section. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering writing the LSAT!

Ben M.

I entered the May Condensed course uneasy about the LSAT and determined to score above 165. On my first diagnostic, I got a 150. Throughout the course I felt myself improving, but the diagnostic scores were not yet where I wanted them to be. It was discouraging, but Yoni assured me of his study method and that I would have much improvement in the last few weeks. I made sure to understand each and every question type we learned, and to practice them all to a level I felt comfortable. Yoni's methods for games and arguments are truly unparalleled, but his mentorship in and outside the classroom were integral in moving my score into the higher percentiles. Following a best practice test of 163, I managed to score 167 (94th percentile) on the June LSAT. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Nicole C.

Amazing instructor and course, very helpful and patient. Yoni makes the classroom comfortable and enjoyable. Highly recommend taking this course!

Devon J.

HarvardReady's professional but friendly course thoroughly prepared me for the LSAT while helping bring some calm to an otherwise incredibly stressful process. Yoni & co. really know how to break complex questions down to the basics, and through practice your intuition starts to take over. I cannot rate HarvardReady highly enough.

Victor N.

Great class, positive environment!!! Yoni was very helpful at anything you ask him and very very professional!!! Yoni definitely has the answers to any possible questions you might have about lsat/law schools. Arash was also great at teaching/explaining. Once again , this was a great learning experience, worth every dollar that I spent on this course!!!

Allister M.

Harvard Ready was the only course I took. It gave me the materials and guidance I needed to boost my LSAT score by 10 points from a 150 on my first attempt to 160 on my second. I am happy to say that I will be going to law school in September. It wouldn't have been possible without Yoni and Harvard Ready.

Antonio D.

Yoni was a fantastic instructor: patient, experienced, and very helpful. I went from a 150 diagnostic, making minimal progress on power score books, to a final score of 161. I was seriously debating taking a course for financial reasons and because I tend to be very independent. However, this course was well worth the cost. It provided me with the building blocks to success in all aspects of the test and then refined them in depth. Whether you are first starting LSAT prep, or have been studying for some time, you will not regret taking HarvardReady LSAT prep.

Shani O.

I cannot rave enough about how amazing HarvardReady was in preparing me for the LSAT. I had just graduated from undergrad in April, planned on taking the LSAT for the first time in October, and wasn't exactly feeling motivated to self-study. HarvardReady was a perfect alternative to self-studying. Yoni was able to break down the LSAT sections in a way that made them easy to understand and master. With the help of Yoni, I was able to score in the 90th percentile the first time I wrote the test, applied in my first circle and was admitted to my top-choice (Osgoode) in December. Thanks Yoni!

Timothy B.

Harvard Ready really is beyond words amazing. Yoni, thank you so much for all your help, taking the extra time to really explain things thoroughly. You were approachable, friendly and always willing to way beyond expectation to help. For this reason I am on the cusp of law school and I am entirely grateful to Harvard Ready. After taking a Kaplan prepcourse, this blew my score out the water jumping my score 16 points.

Christina C.

I had very little knowledge of the LSAT prior to taking this course. The two months working with Yoni provided me with the set of skills I needed to do well on the LSAT. I would definitely recommend this course!

Julia J.

Yoni's Harvard Ready course is probably the best thing that a person could engage in for LSAT prep. I took the 3 month course while working full time at a very demanding job and was able to raise my score from 140 (initial diagnostic) to 168 (highest diagnostic). All this was done with nothing more / less than attending every single class and completing every single homework assigned.

As a mature student who has been out of school for almost a decade, I was intimidated, unsure of my ability to compete academically and most of all, balancing LSAT prep and work could have been a horrible experience. But after the first class, I was confident, I felt like I could do this and win and my classmates were great.

As for the work/study balance, sure I sacrificed some play time and most evenings and weekends but because of the comprehensive course set up and fair but robust homework, I made it work. Follow his instructions as is and you'll see an improvement.

Yoni's approach to the LSAT (which can be nerve wracking and incredibly stressful) was also a delight. He was able to approach it in a lighthearted yet strategic manner and always aimed his message and teachings at succeeding. He truly cares about each student's performance and will give extra time and attention when needed. I love Harvard Ready LSAT prep and Yoni + his instructors. He is the reason why I was able to have a shot at some of the most competitive schools in Ontario. I'm still waiting to hear back from the schools and I'm optimistic!

James Z.

I could write an overly verbose and convoluted recommendation; but, I will keep it straight forward. I got 140 on the first timed test I did with Yoni. I got a 165 on the real test. I did not study prior to taking the Harvard Ready course. Yoni is a friendly guy with a calm disposition and a quick sense of humor. He is also the Keanu Reeves of the LSAT (1st Matrix Keanu exclusively) and can literally read and answer LSAT questions upside down so he can help you without even reorienting the page. If you are a first time writer who only wants to write once then this is the course for you.

Alexandria M.

Harvard Ready provided me with the tools and skills that I needed to improve my LSAT score. When combined with independent study (after a one month course), I saw a 10 point increase and got into my first choice law school. Thank you Yoni for all of your help!

Tristan D.

Harvard Ready improved my LSAT score by 12 points in only two months. I was granted admission into my dream school in the first round! Yoni is by far the best instructor in the GTA, if you're serious about law school you have to sign up for Harvard Ready!

Tuan Nguyen

He didn't know the meaning of the lyrics from "Roxanne." If that's not a deal breaker then take this course because it is best.


I have never been the type to prepare for standardized tests; I wrote my SATs "cold" and did very well. However, knowing the importance of a good LSAT score (and that a poor score would be visible on my record) I decided to take no chances with the process. I chose HarvardReady after I read great things about Yoni and his program online, and I was not disappointed.

Yoni's course materials are thorough and well-organized, and left me with the feeling that I understood every part of the test. The class size was small enough that we were able to get as much 1 on 1 help as we needed, Yoni made sure that we were all engaging with and understanding the material as we worked through it. The weekly proctored diagnostic tests were incredibly valuable as a way of charting my progress, and helped me manage my stress in the real testing environment. I went into the class almost completely unprepared, when I left could not possibly have felt more prepared for the test (and wrote my first LSAT a week after finishing his course).

With Yoni's help, I went from my first diagnostic test result of 158 to get official scores of 173 and 178. Despite an unremarkable GPA, I have been admitted to all the Ontario schools to which I applied (all but Windsor), and most importantly, to my first choice program at a Top 6 U.S. school, which I will be attending. I owe a huge part of my successful application to Yoni's course. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to prepare for the LSAT

Matthew S.

Without a doubt, HarvardReady is the most exceptional school to study the LSAT at. The class size is great, and Yoni and Allan are excellent instructors. I started out with a 141 on my first test and scored a 165 on my test. Even if you think studying on your own is better, I still highly recommend HarvardReady as it gives you the tools and teaches you the techniques to practise on your own. If I did not go to HarvardReady to study for the LSAT, I doubt I'd have a chance whatsoever of getting into law school. If you want to get into law school, go to HarvardReady, I can't imagine of any better way to get ready for the LSAT.

Bobby L.

I looked at the LSAT and felt like vomiting. It made me sick to my stomach. I was tired of studying, and working so hard and ending off with a less than stellar score. I decided that I needed help. I turned to Yoni and he did not disappoint.

Yoni is a phenomenal instructor who knows the LSAT like the back of his hand. He picks apart the most difficult of arguments and is able to explain all parts of the test to his students with ease. Perhaps most impressive is his attention to detail. Yoni will literally pick apart every single detail of an argument to ensure you understand its concepts. His skill at teaching LSAT material is only paralleled by his abilities to keep his students calm leading up to the test. For me, Yoni doubled as an instructor and mentor. He kept me calm and positive.

Overall, my experience with Yoni was amazing. After a few months of preparation I was consistently hitting 172+ on preptests. I highly recommend Yoni and HarvardReady.

Robyn M.

Last fall, I approached Yoni with high expectations. Now, with multiple offers of admission in hand, I’m excited to report he did not disappoint!

When I registered for Harvard Ready’s tutoring sessions, I had a 160 under my belt. Yoni evaluated my initial LSAC score report, equipped me with a tailored study program, and worked to address my specific areas of weakness. With his help, I found my score improved significantly and quickly. Within a couple of months, I was easily averaging 170 on mock exams!

I largely attribute my success on the LSAT to the assistance provided at Harvard Ready. Yoni is an incredible instructor with a killer sense of humor. I’d highly recommend him to anyone!

Vera A.

I wrote the LSAT twice before I took this course and scored 157 and 160. I was hesitant about taking a prep course because I didn't think it could really help but a higher LSAT was my only chance at law school. After a lot of research I decided to go with Harvard Ready. I'm glad I did.

Yoni's amazing. He's knowledgeable, patient, funny, relatable and really understands the LSAT. I would look forward to going to class and doing LSATs. I went from being terrified about the LSAT to looking forward to it and really enjoying it. After two months with Yoni I wrote the December LSAT and scored 167. Yoni's the reason I'm starting law school in September.

Regardless of what level you're starting at, Yoni can really help you improve and understand the patterns and subtleties of the LSAT. I would recommend Yoni and Harvard Ready without hesitation.

Kamil P.

I was 2 official LSAT exam sessions in, and I had an LSAT score that would not get me admitted to the school of my choice, or any law school that I wanted to go to for that matter. I knew what I wanted, but the LSAT was holding me back. Given Yoni's stellar reputation, I decided to send him an email.

From the get go he was relaxed, informative and helpful. He was there not only to teach me the LSAT material, but was also a mentor leading up to the test. The result? An LSAT score in the 93rd percentile. A few months earlier I would have thought it was impossible. I currently have an acceptance from two top Canadian law schools, and I am anticipating others. If you are serious about improving your LSAT score, Yoni's tutoring sessions are well worth your time and money.

Dani S.

Yoni is probably the only reason that I don't have a panic attack every time I see a 3.79 liter ziplock bag. Harvard Ready came highly recommended, but perhaps most importantly, Yoni did too.

While recommendations I heard for other companies were consistently brand-related, people spoke positively about HR's solid strategies and raved about their great teachers. Most people couldn't remember the name of their PowerScore or Princeton Review teacher, but everyone had heard about Yoni. Furthermore, a quick look at the Lawstudents.ca LSAT forums was as good as a free trial; Yoni's username frequently popped up, freely offering advice and strategies to various panicked posters.

From the start, Yoni's been nothing but open, honest, and professional. I initially intended to register for the July-August course, but would be missing a few of the first classes. Yoni was upfront about the challenges that would pose for my learning experience, even though there was no other fall course scheduled at that time. When enough interest developed to warrant another fall course, Yoni made an effort to reach out to everyone who had already inquired in order to ask about our scheduling limitations and do his best to set up a course that would work for everyone.

Aside from the course content, the best part about HarvardReady is that the instructors are patient, approachable, and supportive. The instructors never made me feel self-conscious about making mistakes, even when they were relatively simple ones. Furthermore, if I missed a concept, they made time during breaks or before class to go over it in depth. I actually took the course while I was juggling a full-time job and my last semester of undergraduate studies, and so one thing that I really appreciated was Yoni's willingness to work with my schedule. If I had to miss a class, I never felt at risk of falling behind or missing out on important information, and I really appreciate the time that Yoni took to work with me in this respect.

Yoni also had a lot of practical advice about the LSAT, and his insight definitely helped my nerves on test day. I ended up scoring a 171 in December and received an early offer of acceptance from the University of Toronto shortly after my score was released. There is no question that Yoni and HarvardReady were key to my success, and I absolutely do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering taking the LSAT.

Clinton G.

I still haven't completely processed the idea that I will be attending Osgoode Hall Law School in September and this amazing reality wouldn't have been possible without Harvard Ready. At the risk of sounding like one of those 2 AM infomercials, the course changed the way I viewed and approached the test.

Thanks to the course being incredibly engaging, having a generous repeat policy and the instructors being incredibly approachable, I felt comfortable re-visiting months after my initial course had ended. Moreover, I was able to get one-on-one time with instructors outside of class when I was struggling with certain concepts. With their help and some hard work on my part, I saw a 19 point jump between diagnostic test and official LSAT score. Yeah, there are a few big brand name courses out there but you'd be hard pressed to find people who are not just great at writing the LSAT but are incredibly passionate about it. Yoni and Allan helped me see past the jargon and make sense of the various test's various components because of that passion.

It would be a mistake to overlook this course, I'd recommend that anyone considering the course at least reach out to Harvard Ready because you'll see how great they are. You won't regret it.


A good LSAT score can be tremendously valuable; I am not only typing this with acceptances to all the Ontario schools to which I applied (including Osgoode and UofT), but also with an offer to skip the GMAT requirement for a dual JD/MBA degree – due, in part, to my LSAT score. So this test is not just rewarding in terms of refining your thought process, but it will literally open doors for you provided you can do well enough.

That is where Yoni comes in: the scores of testimonials below should provide good evidence that Yoni knows what he is talking about. Having taken the course, I can confidently say that Yoni not only knows what he is talking about – you could easily confuse Yoni for being an LSAT item writer – but he also knows what you need to do to excel and has structured his course accordingly. In short: he really knows what he is doing and will help you improve on the LSAT because he has taken the time and put in the effort to master the particularly narrow thought processes the LSAT tests for. I began my LSAT journey with a score of 146, and through Yoni’s insight and assistance in addition to rigorous practice, I scored comfortably above the 90th percentile. The best (or arguably, worst) part about my score is that I actually know it was not reflective of my true potential; I know I can score higher than what I got! That is how well Yoni’s course prepared me.

Yoni himself is really laid back and patient – it was very reassuring to know that he would try to explain things more than once in a different way if you did not get it at first. He is funny and always willing to work through particular questions that are giving you some trouble. But what I found most reassuring was his availability: I had a few peers miss some classes, and Yoni was very open to going over the missed work with them individually outside of class hours. Moreover, the simulated LSAT test runs he held on Saturdays were a marvelous way to prepare for test conditions you will encounter on the actual day of the LSAT. The ability to get into a routine due to the Saturday practice-tests served me well on test day as I had developed a familiarity that helped keep me calm and relaxed by knowing how things would unfold. Beyond just getting someone with knowledge of how to excel, you are getting someone willing to work with you as much as you need him to, to ensure you have the best opportunity to destroy the test on test-day (er, please do not literally destroy the test because LSAC will write you up).

When it comes down to spending the money on his course: it was more than a worthy investment. A great score was a nice way to round out my application, and I was able to get a couple of scholarship offers easily worth more than the cost of the course. Then there is the opportunity to do a joint JD/MBA degree without needing to write the GMAT that saved me some money, not to mention the access to scholarships a joint JD/MBA degree would allow me.

Finally, do me a favor: if you take the course, trust what Yoni says. Leading up to the LSAT, I was starting to burn myself out. Yoni picked up on this and warned me, but I continued to practice when taking Yoni’s advice to relax would not have hurt me at all. Really, with his course you are not simply memorizing methods, but making them second nature so that it is impossible to forget them a day or two later. Trust Yoni, listen to him, and save yourself some stress. The LSAT is most definitely a learnable test, and taking a course with Yoni will help you learn what you need to be doing in order to obtain a high score.

Ali E.

No one likes the LSAT…at least before they take the HarvardReady course. Back in May 2010, I had already began studying for LSAT thinking that with sufficient discipline and motivation I can do good in my LSAT. Next thing I knew, it was July and I had learned nothing and had confused myself to a point that I couldn't get a single game question right (Not counting the ones that I guessed). I knew I had to take a course, but didn't know which until someone referred me to this guy named Yoni, who apparently is really good with this LSAT thingy.

I enrolled in the HarvardReady course in July, and in my first prep test I scored a 147. Lesson by lesson and as the months passed, I got better at each section, my game section was close to perfection and I was improving in my other sections. Yoni took his time in explaining each lesson, going through every single detail and he made sure that it made sense to Every Single Person in class. By September I was testing in the 159 to 162 to range and in my October LSAT, I got a 159 (ouch).

But my LSAT journey wasn't over, a year after in October 2011, I went back to Yoni and took advantage of the FREE repeat policy. The class was still the same, Yoni explaining every single detail, answering all the questions and convincing people why they were wrong and why the correct answer was correct (I believe he takes enjoyment out of that!). After just a month things had changed, with couple of tips on how to tackle Reading Comp questions I was now scoring in the 162-166 range. Despite the long hours of classes, the class atmosphere was exceptional and we had created our own little LSAT family (this is so nerdy).

Anyhow, in my December LSAT test I managed to get a 162 (86th Percentile) and I have already been accepted into Queen's Law School. I have referred over 10 people to Yoni, all of whom have greatly thanked me for this recommendation. So, if you are serious about going to law school, HarvardReady is a must.

Daniel F.

After doing lots of research on LSAT prep, I was really unsure of which direction to go: self prep, Testmasters, Harvard Ready, Powerscore etc. I saw that an instructor for Harvard Ready was located at my university and I sent him a message asking a few questions. Graciously, he agreed to meet with my and gave me assistance in making my decision. Although he did not specifically plug Harvard Ready, after hearing all of his information, Harvard Ready became the obvious choice.

HR was extremely accommodating by creating a brand new class just so my group of friends would be able to enrol in the course. The course was jam packed with information -- in only one month, I along with my peers improved by leaps and bounds. The in class material, the online material and the quality of the teaching were all top notch. Furthermore, having practice tests every week in test centre conditions, in addition to in class timed sections really made a difference come test day. To top it all off, having every single LSAT prep test ever released gave us an endless supply of study material.

Overall, the class was extremely helpful, fun and definitely worth it. I improved by over 14 points, while many of my classmates improved by over 20. I highly recommend HR, Yoni, and Allan to everyone.

Sean M.

Yoni will help you find a method to the LSAT's madness. With small class sizes, dedicated instructors and a casual, supportive learning environment, I was able to increase my percentile ranking nearly twofold -- from the 44th percentile to the 83rd percentile. I attribute a large part of my success to the adaptive instruction techniques employed by Harvard Ready. If you are serious about improving your score on the LSAT, Harvard Ready will find a way that works for you.

Tyler P.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Harvard Ready team to anybody interested in taking the LSAT. Besides providing high-quality instruction that helped me improve my raw score on every section of the test, Yoni and Allan create an environment that is fun, collegial, and effective. The instructors were responsive to my weaknesses, and able to focus on and address the areas that I was having trouble with. In my experience, success on the LSAT demands great teachers, and I cannot imagine any teachers better adept at preparing students for success.

Zarko B.

I took the month-long course with Yoni and HarvardReady starting at the end of April 2011 through to the end of May. I entered the course completely cold, meaning I had not studied any LSAT materials or seen them. At the outset, I was sure I would need to write the test again in October as 5 weeks wouldn't be enough to tackle the LSAT with a good enough score the first time.

My first diagnostic score was 154. My highest practice test score in-class was 166 and on the June 2011 LSAT I scored higher than any of those, reaching a 167 after only 5 weeks. Yoni's teaching methods, the program he has designed for the course and the huge amount of in-class time were all key ingredients to my success. He was always willing to come earlier, stay later and did everything he could to accommodate you if you missed something or simply needed extra instruction. I highly recommend this prep-course for anyone interested in receiving professional instruction on the LSAT.

Jordan A.

Having little time (one month) to prepare for the LSAT, HarvardReady did a fabulous job preparing me. HarvardReady was flexible from the onset by providing scheduling that was convenient to the whole class. Both Yoni and Allan did a great job tailoring to the needs of each specific individual.

HarvardReady’s online materials, in-depth textbook coverage and quality of teachers are top notch -- I'm more than glad I didn't go with anyone else. The class environment the instructors maintained was vital to my staying focused yet relaxed during the LSAT preparation process. In only a month, HarvardReady helped me improve my score by 13 points! HarvardReady is the whole package, and best of all, they produce results!

Ryan S.

I went into HarvardReady with zero knowledge whatsoever about the LSAT. Yoni and Allan were very knowledgable about the test and its contents, and helped me feel much more at ease with everything. I improved 19 points from my first diagnostic to the actual LSAT, all due to the class. It was extremely organized and a lot of planning went into the lessons. HarvardReady provides all of the course materials and provides a much more personal lesson experience than many other courses, with plenty of opportunities to ask one-on-one questions. Thanks for everything Yoni and Allan. I couldn't have done it without you.

Amy T.

Studying hard and studying a lot is only part of the formula for success on the LSAT. Yoni taught me how to study well, thanks to which I improved my score by 13 points.

I found his teaching approach effective and the jump from my diagnostic score to my actual test score in two months would have been unlikely had I not taken his class. Whether it is answering a particular question on a prep test or about law school in general, it is evident that Yoni cares about his students. A good teacher really makes all the difference - the same applies to LSAT instructors.

(Just in case it wasn't clear from my testimonial, I thoroughly enjoyed every class. Thank you for everything!)

Sean V.

Not to make this sound like a weight loss commercial on late night television but I felt exactly like those people struggling to lose pounds time and time again. However, my long struggle was in the LSAT department. I feel like I am the perfect person to talk about how wonderful Yoni from Harvard Ready is because frankly I had tried everything else and it really did not work for me.

I have written the LSAT three times, each time trying a new studying approach. The first time I wrote I decided that I would try a two-weekend course offered by an experienced LSAT prep school. Clearly, since I wrote the test two times after this I can attest that this didn’t work out. The second time around I knew I needed a more in depth approach and heavily invested in another company’s full-length course. While I saw results more than the first, the company really did not pay attention to my individual needs and moved too quickly due to the size of the class.

For the third time I knew that a private tutor was the only way to get the gains I really wanted and needed. I found Yoni online as well as on a forum for law students and immediately started doing some research on the company. I set up an appointment and little did I know how much I would benefit from making this decision.

Yoni’s approach to the LSAT is of a much more practical style where he utilizes real world examples to really make the student understand why they got an answer right or wrong. He stresses truly understanding and mastering each concept before even thinking about moving onto the next one. My hour spent with Yoni developed my skills further than I could have ever dreamed. From a previous score of 151, within 3 months of working once a week with him and practicing on my own time, I eventually came to average in the mid-160’s, with my highest score at 168. He really engages you with the material and will not move on if you do not understand where you went wrong which I found so important to the learning process.

However, the best thing about Yoni is that he truly cares about his students. I was not just a customer that was gaining his services for a price. He becomes invested in your success and when you see his excitement for you it only fuels your desire to continue learning and dedicating yourself to this difficult test even more. He understands how to properly prepare for the test mentally and physically and offers practice tests under realistic circumstances at the same time that a real LSAT would take place.

I strongly recommend Yoni at Harvard Ready for anyone and everyone. He will most definitely make a difference in your mental and physical approach to taking the LSAT. Thanks to Yoni when I wrote in February, I did not see the LSAT as a burdensome obstacle in the way of my acceptance to law school. I finally lost that weight that those late night commercials were promising and Yoni at Harvard Ready was the driving force behind it.

Jessica W.

I have been a student at HarvardReady for about half a year. During this time, I've taken both a course and tutoring sessions with Yoni, and can say without a doubt that he is an exceptional teacher.

As law school applicants, we hope for every component of our application to exemplify our best selves and illustrate our highest potential. On the LSAT, Yoni will help you do this, and he will help you do this very well. While the test is daunting and often times disheartening, his superior teaching techniques and witty personality led to my realization that with HarvardReady, I’ve placed myself in brilliant hands. Having recently been admitted to law school, in large part upon the basis of a competitive LSAT score, I share my success with him.

I believe firmly in quality, and with HarvardReady, you’ll receive quality at its finest.

Anna A.

The first time I wrote the LSAT was in December 2010, and I had decided to self-study for it using the powerscore books. Balancing school, work etc., it was hard to focus on the LSAT, so when I got my December LSAT score back it turned out I did pretty bad. What did I do after I'd finished bawling for my parents? I emailed Yoni. How did I find out about Yoni? The lovely members of lawstudents.ca. I'd heard such fantastic things about him that I checked out his website and saw the testimonials were just as positive as the lawstudents.ca members' comments.

I'd never had a tutor so I really didn't know what to expect, and given the fact that I'd almost given up on the possibility of doing good on the LSAT, I was actually pretty scared before I went to him. I had 4 weeks before the February LSAT.

First impression? SO CHILL! I was expecting him to be more serious and strict and all... but he's so chill and so easy to talk to that I would actually look forward to our sessions. What's more important is that he is honestly such a good teacher... he takes time to explain things to you, and always double checks to see if you get what he's talking about. Funny enough, at the actual Feb LSAT seating, as I was doing LR and RC questions I could actually here Yoni's words in my head (i.e. does this REALLY need to be true?).

I ended up improving 15 points on the Feb 2011 LSAT after just 4 weeks with him! Definitely satisfied with my results and I've actually recommended friends who want to write the LSAT to go to him. If anyone is looking for a tutor... YONI IS YOUR GUY! Put in the effort, and you won't be disappointed. :D

Cassandra D.

I took a month long course with Yoni in preparation for the June 2010 LSAT. I went to the first class with absolutely NO knowledge about the LSAT, what it entailed or how the hell I was going to pull it off. The only thing I really knew about the test was that it was supposedly torturous. I knew I needed some help for preparing for the test. When I did the research, I found and decided to take the HarvardReady course (partly because it offered the most hours for the lowest price, and partly because my cousin had taken a course with another high profile company and said they were useless).

The schedule for the course seemed daunting: about four hours a day, six days a week. When I wrote my first practice test, I scored in the low 150s. Two weeks later, I was already up to 160. By the end of the course, I was scoring in the high 160s. And although nerves got the best of me, and I ended up getting only a 163 on the actual test, I still got into my first choice school for the very next year (on early acceptance even!).

Yoni was absolutely amazing. He's a great teacher, because he has great balance. He knew when it was time to take it easy and be our buddy (arguing over phones, Blackberry or iPhone, or bringing donuts into the class for someone's birthday), and also when it was time to cut the bullshit and get down to business. The class was small enough so that we could get one on one help, but at the same time, large enough so that we could get discussion going and bounce ideas off each other.

Yoni knows absolutely everything that there is to know about the LSAT. He can explain to you exactly why an answer's wrong when all you can come up with is "It doesn't make sense, but I don't know why". All in all, Yoni's a genius, and he's not afraid to show it or rub it in your face. But he's great at his job, and he will ensure you get all the tools you need to get the absolute highest mark that you can get on the test day. He's also honest enough to let you know when you're not ready to take the test.

In short, Yoni's awesome. The course is awesome. You won't regret taking this course, and your amazing LSAT mark will be all the proof you'll need to know that HarvardReady is the best LSAT prep course out there.

Nicole M.

In the summer I was at a loss as to which LSAT prep course to take. I needed a lot of help. I was looking at a diagnostic of 147, with a major weakness in logic games. I knew that I wouldn't be able to bring up that score on my own.

I had a really difficult time finding a course that would fit my schedule as I worked full time and part time in the summer. I came across Harvard Ready by accident and I am so glad that I did. This class is worth every penny.

Something that I want to tell everyone is that the LSAT is a learnable test. Nobody had ever told me that except for Yoni on day 1 of the course. This test can and is learned if you have the right instructor. He is very patient, knowledgeable and approachable. You can ask him any question about the material and he knows the answer and will explain it to you until you understand where you went wrong. Seriously, it's kind of scary, he literally knows the LSAT inside and out.

On the actual LSAT I moved up 13 points from my diagnostic and couldn't be happier. You couldn't be in better hands. And, believe it or not, you will have fun while you're learning. I know my class did.

Adam P.

First, the facts: after studying on my own for some 5 weeks, using the LSAT SuperPrep and PowerScore Bibles, I wrote the LSAT in October 2010 and achieved a score of 160 and percentile rank of 80. After being tutored by Yoni at HarvardReady for some 8 sessions, I rewrote the LSAT in December 2010, achieving a score of 167 and a percentile rank of 95.

Really, the story could end there. Yoni’s guidance was the single most important factor in my improvement. Most of our sessions were spent on logic games, my weakest area, which countless hours with the PowerScore Logic Games Bible had done little to change. Indeed, my experience of the latter was that it took the logic games from complete impenetrability to the much more helpful status of extreme difficulty; although I knew each game had a solution, finding it in time continued to be a challenge. For me, much of this challenge consisted in retaining the methods I had just learned and finding a way to apply them to a problem that on the surface looked very different. Yoni allowed me to overcome this problem. His clear instruction and patient explanations were driven home with constant practice on a wide range of different games. This allowed me to thoroughly internalize the tools and methods I was being taught, such that my response to games became ever more instinctive, fast, and accurate.

Unfortunately, I am not able to say that my weakest section became my strongest – but I can tell you that in the short time I saw Yoni, he helped me to improve it greatly. Nor was this improvement limited to the area on which we spent most of our time: in December, my performance on every section of the test improved. While some of this may have resulted from familiarity with test conditions, I cannot help but feel that it came also from my new confidence, a direct result of having been tutored by one of the very best.

Andrew B.

In preparation for my first writing of the LSAT I hired a private tutor, put in minimal effort and received predictably poor results. During this entire period, I was of the mind that the test material was essentially unlearnable; either you had it or you didn't. I was also, however, set on going to law school. After it turned out that, indeed, my initial score of 151 resulted in rejection letters from each school to which I applied, I was determined to do whatever was necessary to boost my score into the 160s and start my legal education.

I was referred to Yoni's Harvard Ready program by a trusted friend, and now having paid the fee and completed the course (and my second test), I can undoubtedly say that it was worth it. I was certainly skeptical at first, however. As I've said, a big part of me was convinced that the skills required for success on the LSAT were innately held and largely impervious to acquisition through drill and classwork. Having just received my score from the second test (163), I can most assuredly say that I was wrong. Over the course of the Saturday morning practice tests, I saw my score consistently increase and these improvements turned out to be concrete.

Perhaps the best thing that can be said about the Harvard Ready course is that you learn from someone who really knows what they're talking about. My confidence in Yoni's knowledge of the material, as well as his ability to effectively convey that knowledge was confirmed on the first day and never wavered. He was also personable and had a sense of humour - valuable traits when tackling set after set of logic games.

All in all, the course was exactly what I had hoped it would be, and it provided me with the results I needed. I sleep easy these days, and if you want to sleep easy too, try Harvard Ready LSAT Prep.

Allan C.

They say that top LSAT scorers are born. I respectively disagree. There is a top scorer in each and every one of us and there is nothing better then the instruction of an experienced LSAT tutor to get us there. In my opinion, Yoni is that man.

I scored a 154 on my very first practice test, and to be honest, I even cheated a little bit with the time. After two months of working with the fabled PowerScore Bibles I managed to consistently practice around 157-160: a very respectable range but not a top score. It was only after I enrolled in Yoni’s prep course that I truly began to master the LSAT. It was like a fog had lifted and my eyes were opened. Following a short two weeks of working with Yoni my practice test average increased dramatically to 169. A few months later, after Yoni’s tips and tricks had been deeply ingrained into my subconscious, I began to average around 175!

The point of running through my history was to show you that while I eventually started to score in the top percentiles, it was by no means an easy road. I was not “born” to ace the LSAT. In fact, if you were to ask me, I would say Yoni made me. It was him who really taught me how to approach the test. It was his instruction and nothing else.

On D-Day I managed a great score of 170. I can only hope that others will take advantage of Yoni’s expertise. I’m sure glad that I did.

Mehran W.

With Harvard Ready I got an instructor who knew the LSAT inside-out. Yoni was patient, respectful and motivating. Yoni's strategies helped me improve my score 16 points. I couldn't ask for more helpful instructor. Thanks Harvard Ready!

Leanna K.

If you're prepared to commit the time and effort, Yoni will give you the tools and advice to help you do well on your LSAT. The course material is useful and Yoni is an effective teacher. He gives you lots of opportunities to ask questions and works with you to make sure you feel comfortable with the material. Overall, the course was really helpful. Yoni is thorough and helps you feel prepared to take the LSAT. He also makes the hours you will spend studying more enjoyable!

Kabir S.

As soon as I made the decision to apply to law school, I understood that the LSAT was a central aspect of my application, and without a reasonable LSAT mark, I would be hard-pressed to be offered a spot at a Canadian law school. I first started with PowerScore, and although the course was helpful, I was still hovering around the mid 150’s and unable to break through that plateau.

Through a few recommendations, I was referred to Yoni at Harvard Ready. I can confidently say that Yoni's approach to teaching the LSAT was indeed the factor that pushed me past my plateau and into the 160+ range. What Yoni does differently from others is that he uncovers your weaknesses and focuses on strengthening them. Much of his approach also stresses internalizing the thought process that goes on throughout the arguments section, eliminating the need for time consuming and overly convoluted diagramming techniques (which are left to the hardest of problems).

Moreover, Yoni is patient, funny, and personable. While I had a number of scheduling issues throughout, he always found a way to accommodate me. My only regret is that I didn't go to him sooner, for I'm positive that I would have been at an even better position that I am in now. I high recommend Yoni as a tutor. He thoroughly knows what he’s talking about and he is excellent at what he does.

George E.

I am thrilled to share my experience of having Yoni as a tutor. In preparing for the LSAT, Yoni's guidance was instrumental to my success on test day. He helped boost my average test score, significantly. In addition, his creative teaching techniques was key in helping me overcome my greatest obstacle: stress management.

I had always thought that there was a "best" answer choice for every question, and sometimes what was "best" was debatable. With Yoni, I grew to understand this as backwards thinking. Instead, when it comes to the LSAT, there is always only one right answer and 4 wrong ones. For every question, Yoni would push me to explain the reason behind every right answer, and just as importantly, why every wrong answer choice had to be wrong. This proved to be challenging, but with challenge comes due reward. In time, my accuracy improved and I would consistently break the 170 mark on my practice tests.

Yoni also assisted me in overcoming a psychological hump. I had written the test twice before; both times choking under the immense pressure of test day. Yoni thought of creative ways to help me overcome this, i.e. talking to distract or befuddle me during practice tests, and also giving me less time to answer each question. Outside of our lesson time, Yoni became a friend - very encouraging and supportive. While this may seem somewhat trivial, its effect on my performance was anything but.

I was able achieve an LSAT score of which I am proud (165; 92nd percentile), and I will be starting the first year of my JD at Queen's University this fall. If you are looking to improve your LSAT score, for varying reasons, I strongly recommend sitting a class with Yoni.

Ava A.

I walked into my first LSAT class with absolutely no knowledge of the LSAT under my belt and petrified about this huge wall that stood between me and law school. From the very first class though (well, maybe the second, since the first one consisted of a diagnostic test), Yoni made me feel at ease and reassured me that after taking the course, I would be much more familiar with the material and ready to take the LSAT. Well, fast forward a few months and not only did I score pretty damn well on my LSAT, I’m also looking at an acceptance to Osgoode Law as I write this. Frankly, I swear I could not have done that without Yoni’s help.

Yoni was a great teacher! He was funny, laid back, and incredibly knowledgeable. He knows the answer to everything, but what is more important is that he can explain the answer to everything. There was never a time that I felt confused about something after talking to him about it. He communicates very clearly and his laid back attitude makes it less intimidating to learn from him. He is also very engaging. He didn’t stand in front of the class and lecture – he asked us questions and made us come up with the answers instead of just telling us what the answer was.

In doing this, he literally cultivated in us the skills that we would need to have on test day, and by doing that consistently, he basically trained us to think the way we needed to on the test. When I was doing practice exams, if I got stuck on a question, I could hear Yoni’s voice in my head saying, “Well do we care about this? No. It has nothing to do with the passage. Do we care about that? Maybe. Lets come back to it. Does this relate to the passage? Yes it does. It says so on line 83.” His very distinct method of going through the questions has stayed with me to this day and I almost felt like it was unfair that I had this wise voice in my head helping me on the test!

Not only is Yoni a great teacher in the classroom, he was also very helpful as a teacher outside of the classroom. Needless to say, many of us had mini-breakdowns throughout the summer as the dreaded date of the LSAT drew closer. Every time I had one of these breakdowns, Yoni was very comforting and brought some clarity and rationality. He was always there to answer questions about the process in general and to reassure me that I had the tools I needed to do well on the exam. If I had problems with a specific section (f$*%ing reading comp!), he took the time to try to understand why I was having trouble with that section and gave me advice on how to improve my accuracy based on the score that I was aiming to get on the LSAT.

Behnoud I.

I was Yoni’s student for 2 months, at the start of which I was sitting on a score of 129. I had my work cut out for me.

At the start, I initially found the games to be the most challenging. Yoni’s strength here lay not only in his ability to explain how to do them, but also in highlighting how to do them efficiently. Through practice, they became the easiest section on the LSAT for me, as I not only significantly improved, but was regularly finishing all four games.

Yoni’s thorough understanding of LSAT reasoning also makes it easy for him to not only teach students, but make them understand. When I approached him with argument questions, he was always able to dissect them entirely. It wasn’t just about why the right answer was right, but also about where my thinking went wrong. In explaining the correct answer choice, he used everyday examples that made the most complicated arguments much easier to comprehend.

Bottom line, I came out of my LSAT with a score of 158 – I went up from where I started by a full 29 points. I especially recommend Yoni’s class to those who struggle with finishing the games on time, or those who cannot grasp arguments the way that the LSAT is designed to.

Keith R.

Yoni taught me for several months during 2009 in preparation for the September 2009 LSAT. He is an exceptional instructor. I was frankly amazed with Yoni's deep and strong knowledge of all of the material on all of the previous administrations of the LSAT and impressed with his strong repertoire of tools and insights that were instrumental in improving my performance on the test.

I looked forward to my classes with Yoni not only because he was one of the brightest teachers that I've ever had, but it was clear, not only through his witty jokes or the incorporation of interesting real-life references, that he truly enjoyed teaching the material.

Yoni was certainly instrumental in the achievement of a major personal goal: admission to Harvard Law School's JD program. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in obtaining a competitive LSAT score.

Erin H.

I spent two months prior to my initial sitting of the LSAT pouring over the methodologies advocated in various prep books and working through numerous practice tests. My efforts in this regard yielded me a pitiful 155 (64th percentile) on the December ‘09 test. From this, I could only infer that my approach hadn’t worked; I didn’t know what to do to improve my score.

I started working with Yoni 6 weeks prior to the February 10 LSAT. To achieve my target score of 160+, I decided to focus on the area of the test that posed for me the most difficulty: logic games. Yoni’s strategy and materials amalgamated various approaches that I had previous found to be ineffective on their own, creating a unique and aggressive method for tackling games that improved both my accuracy and speed. It was a method that worked.

He explained concepts clearly, with good use of examples. He was personable and encouraging, both when I was frustrated and when I was willing to rest content with a modest improvement that nevertheless fell short of my goal. He was patient and made himself readily available to answer any (and all) questions I had (why is a raven like a writing desk?).

I scored a 161 (84th percentile) on the Feb. 10 test – a 6 point increase that put me in the 84th percentile – a considerable improvement over my previous score. Less than a week after the February score release date, I received an offer of admission to one of the top schools in Canada. So, on reflection, all I can say is thanks, Yoni, for your help.

Marlene L.

There is no doubt that my instructor was truly exceptional! Yoni has a thorough and in-depth understanding of the material which was evident based on his ability to answer all questions in a clear and concise manner and without once referring to notes. Yoni’s mastery of the skills necessary for the LSAT was evident throughout the course.

What is even more impressive and advantageous to his students is his ability to convey this information to others in a way that enables them to acquire and develop this skill set as well. His easygoing and charismatic demeanour almost immediately put me at ease, enabling me to focus on the task at hand – performing on the LSAT.

It definitely took quite a bit of work, but as it turned out the LSAT was not an insurmountable obstacle – I was recently admitted into Osgoode for 2010! In my opinion Yoni was essential in accomplishing this objective. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about aiming for law school.

Pamela L.

After writing the LSAT for the first time with disappointing results, I knew I needed help on improving my studying methods. When I first started looking into prep courses and private tutoring, I came across a class Yoni was teaching and was impressed with his knowledge of the test and general approach.

I took on a number of tutoring sessions with him, and not only was my he able to identify the challenges that I was facing in my studying habits, he also devised reading and critical thinking strategies that were tailored to enhance my strengths. Most importantly, he was able to restore my confidence in tackling the LSAT.

Before working with Yoni, I could barely completely three out of the four passages in the Reading Comprehension section. After only three sessions, I was able to complete all four passages with nearly 100% accuracy. Thanks to the dedication of my instructor, my LSAT score increased by 8 points! I'd recommend Yoni for anyone looking for real results.

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