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The HarvardReady classroom course is, bar none, the most thorough LSAT course you'll find in the Toronto area: we've got more hours, better instructors, more extensive materials, smaller classes, and a proper digital practice platform.

You'll start the course with a full-length diagnostic LSAT so you know exactly what you're up against and where you stand. From there, you'll begin your road to mastering the nuanced concepts that the LSAT expects you to know like the back of your hand by the time you hit the test. To put things in practice, we'll have countless exercises ready for you along with real LSAT questions to practice on.

As you get better at absorbing and putting the concepts into practice, the course will gradually shift focus towards the timing and pressure based aspects of the test. Throughout the course, you'll be testing your skills on real previous tests during live, proctored test exams. By the time you hit the real thing, you'll be more than ready to knock the LSAT into submission.

Quick Stats

$1,245 (Early) [ ? ]
Class Hours
Additional Diagnostics
Class Size
Max. 24
PrepTest Materials
Every Released Test (~90)
Minimum Instructor Score
97th Percentile
Repeat Policy
Free, Unlimited [ ? ]

Proper, Digital Diagnostic Tools

Other courses have given up on in-person diagnostics or provide paper tests. Not us. Throughout the course you will take at least six diagnostic tests on a tablet in a proper digital format. In addition, you'll have access to the digital interface in your student account, so you can always take additional tests and continue practicing in the modern format.

We've replicated the test-taking process, so come test day there should be no surprises.

Useful, Data-Driven Analytics

Our system doesn't just allow you to take tests online -- it keeps tabs on your performance as well (in a not-so-creepy way ... mostly). That means that we can highlight problem areas that you're having so you know what you need to spend time on.

Portable, Flexible Student Tools

Got some time on the bus on the way to work? Thinking about the LSAT before you go to sleep? We've got you covered. Your student tools are adapted to work on virtually any device and will save your progress as you go, so you can always squeeze in a few extra practice questions on the run.

Industry-Leading 100-Hour Course

While other LSAT courses try to manipulate their numbers to artificially raise their classroom hours, the HarvardReady course sets a simple, industry-leading, standard: Our course includes 100 hours of actual class time, not including the diagnostic tests scheduled throughout the course.

Brilliant, Engaging Instructors

Yeah, our instructors our brilliant - each of them nailed at least a 170 on a real LSAT putting them in the top 3% of test takers. A brilliant instructor can only go so far in keeping their students engaged though, especially when it comes to our monster 100 hour course, which is why we take steps to make sure our instructors are also personable. Through a bit of character assessment and light stalking, we screen our instructors for personality and only keep the ones that could keep us entertained the whole way through.

Absurd Amounts of Material

Your course materials will include our four proprietary books to be used in-class and for homework, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Online, you'll additionally have access to every PrepTest every released, additional homework, countless explanations, and targeted exercises. You certainly won't be running out of things to work with.

Smaller Class Sizes

We don't pack 50 person lecture halls just to squeeze as many paying students into a room as possible. Our LSAT courses are capped at 24 people so that students can get personalized attention to their questions while maintaining a discussion friendly environment. Our classes are full of back-and-forth between students and instructors as they hash out the relevant points, and that's the way we want it.
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Our students tend to like us:

No regrets and will continue sending students their way. — John Perianayagam

...With yoni i went from a 150 to a 170 on the mock tests he gave us and scored a 167 overall on my very first attempt... — Massimo Di Giovanni

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