2024 Courses

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Our students tend to like us:

Yoni is great! Helped my score go up 10 points. He’s super nice and accommodating of questions! Highly recommend! — Nikisha Thapar

Between my first practice test and my official LSAT score I improved by 12 points! The instructors are great, and the homework is plentiful but extremely helpful. — Katrina Kotarba

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Course Lengths

We generally offer our courses across several different time frames. The courses themselves offer the exact same number of classes and hours, so the only difference between these courses is how condensed the courses are.

3-month courses tend to run twice a week. 2.5-month courses usually start twice a week, but in the second half run three times a week. Sometimes, they simply have a break or two during the course. 2-month courses tend to run three times a week. 1-month condensed courses tend to run as many as five days a week.

If you have the opportunity, we generally suggest taking a longer-term course. Though we still see reasonable results in even the 1-month courses, it certainly helps if you've got more time to practice and to let the concepts sink in.